How to start a business or a new company in Chile.

Santiago, dec 4, 2018

Chile is a country with many economic opportunities for companies and foreign entrepreneurs who wish to start activities in our country.
The procedures usually are fast and should not last more than a month, but must be done by a Chilean professional, who knows in detail what processes to perform.

Before considering taking your suistcases and landing in Chile, keep the following in mind:
All the companies, national or foreign, must have a Chilean Legal Representative. That means that you have to pay for a Chilean to be the Legal Representative of your company. If you do not intend to hire anyone for that job, there are many Legal Firms that provide this service for a small monthly fee.

The partners of the company must to have an Investor-ID (Rut) in Chile, this means that our tax authority, called Internal Revenue Service (SII), demands that the partners must have an identification for commercial purposes (ID), with which the Starting Activities Forms is carried out in chile.

Once you have your Investor-ID (Rut) and have a Legal Representative, you need to hire a consulting company in tax issues to carry out the creation and approval of the company at SII. This service is provided by advisory and tax companies, such as Alfa Corp Consultores and companies of lawyers or legal services.

All these procedures and fees, must have a cost between USD 800 to USD 5,000, considering size and characteristics of the business that will start off in Chile.
Once your company starts, you must meet a series of tax obligations monthly which should be make by an accountant.

Chile is an excellent country to continue business to other Latin American countries, because our political, economic and social stability helps to create companies with growth posibilities that allows take a look at the international growth of your business in the America´ Southern Cone.

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